Staff Training

Staff Development Training: Enhance Team Relationships and Communication

Teams welcome the opportunity to learn the skills that will help foster honest communications with their co-workers which make it easier to support one another and to do their jobs well. Since time is precious each training session is packed into one hour and repeated several times during the day so that all employees are able to attend. They are interactive and include written materials to be used for ongoing reference.

  1. WE ARE A TEAM: Understanding Personalities and Communication Styles
  2. WE WIN: Win-Win Conflict Resolution Skills Training
  3. WE SERVE: Win-Win Customer Service Skills Training

WE ARE A TEAM: Understanding Personalities and Communication Styles Training
Organizations become more effective when the people in them learn to appreciate the differences in work behavior and communication styles. This workshop provides insights to identify understand and relate to the differences in people. Employees learn about the behavioral strengths and communication needs for different personality types to better understand one another and to work together effectively as a team. There is a strong emphasis on understanding one's self and developing a personality plan to move beyond one's personal limiting traits and communicate in ways that others can receive it.

WE WIN: Win-Win Conflict Resolution Skills Training
Most individuals are not born with the ability to easily approach a person with whom they have an issue and openly discuss it in a win-win manner. As an organization grows, employees need the skill sets to openly resolve conflict with respect to all parties knowing that everyone in the organization is striving to do their best. This workshop helps the team learn how to communicate and solve problems in ways that exemplify key hospital values and behaviors. Employees learn how to clarify expectations and resolve team member issues in ways that promote teamwork and reduce conflict, blame and gossip.

WE SERVE: Win-Win Customer Service Skills Training
Everyone in an organization forms part of a customer-service chain, which affects the patients and their families, as well as every internal customer within the organization. It is important for employees to go the extra mile to provide customer service that takes into account the stress that others feel. Issues such as patient check-in, insurance coverage issues, billing questions and even the ability to navigate the hospital can quickly turn a visit into a negative experience for multiple people. In this training the team learns the right mental approach, listening skills and communication style to effectively handle situations no matter how challenging.

  • Be proactive vs. reactive
  • Acknowledge concerns and address complaints
  • Diffuse and handle difficult people
  • Communicate with other team members for issue resolution
  • End exchanges with excellence in mind